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Book of Angels #2
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Official Releases[edit]

Moloch: The Book of Angels, Volume 6




  • angel of solitudes and tears
  • the angel of solitudes and tears who “shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom.”
  • one of the rulers of the planet Saturn, also a ruling prince of the 7th Heaven and one of the scrim (princes) of the order of powers
  • sometimes appears as the angel of temperance.
  • Barrett in The Magus speaks of Cassiel as one of the 3 angels of Saturday, serving with Machatan and Uriel.
  • In the Book of Spirits as well as in The Magus, the sigil of Cassiel is given, along with his signature.
  • In the latter work Cassiel Macoton (so named) is pictured in the form of a bearded jinn, astride a dragon.
  • In Grillot, Picture Museum of Sorcery, Magic and Alchemy (p. 113), there is a reproduction of a page from the Book of Spirits giving the conjuration of Cassiel.
  • Cassiel Macoton—according to Barrett, The Magus II, Cassiel and Macoton are 2 separate angels, both doing duty on Saturday.


The angel Cassiel, From Francis Barrett, The Magus
Otto Sander as Cassiel from the film Wings of Desire (1987)