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A note from the archivist:

In the Masada canon, there is a type of piece that Zorn refers to as an “event piece.” In these pieces, the score indicates a series of phrases that require a cue of some sort to trigger the start of each subsequent phrase. Occasionally these phrases will simply be the word NOISE, or another non-traditional music notation. This type of piece is, if not unique to the Masada canon, then awfully rare outside of it. This type of piece being such a prominent form in the Masada canon, it seemed like a useful task to identify them and take a stab at categorizing them to a certain extent.

I have put them into three categories.

  • The most common type is what I call the cartoon style, as they are similar to Zorn's longform cartoon compositions. These tend to have a jerky stop-start/stop-start feel. Hath-Arob is one of the most frequently recorded compositions of this type.
  • The second most common type is what I call the long phrase style. These are smoother in feel from one phrase to another, though they still require a cue of some sort for each phrase to start. I'd draw your attention to Rahtiel as an example of this type of piece.
  • I refer to the remaining event pieces as the "short phrase" style. The most often performed of these is Kol Nidre - the performers require a cue for phrases one to three notes in length. The only other one of these I'm aware of is Chesed, which has never been professionally recorded, and to the best of my knowledge only exists on an early audience recording from 1994.

I compiled this list for the most part from listening to existing recordings. If you can make a compelling case that a tune should be added or removed from this list, I'd love to hear it. Or if you think they can be categorized better. I'm still on the fence about several of them, notably Piram and Jair.

Thanks y'all!


Book # Title First Appearance Style
Book One 1 Piram Beit long phrase
Book One 8 Achshaph Beit cartoon
Book One 15 Beer Sheba Vav long phrase
Book One 19 Hobah Hei long phrase
Book One 29 Rachab Beit long phrase
Book One 33 Katzatz Gimel cartoon
Book One 38 Lebaoth Gimel long phrase
Book One 43 Sahar Beit long phrase
Book One 47 Socoh Bar Kokhba cartoon
Book One 53 Jair Alef long phrase
Book One 54 Lachish Beit cartoon
Book One 55 Debir Vav long phrase
Book One 66 Halom Het cartoon
Book One 67 Lakom Hei cartoon
Book One 92 Chesed short phrase
Book One 98 Hath-Arob Zayin cartoon
Book One 106 Nevuah Zayin long phrase
Book One 114 Mayim Taboo & Exile long phrase
Book One 115 Shebuah Vav long phrase
Book One 120 Nezikin Bar-Kokhba cartoon
Book One 121 Shofetim The Unknown Masada long phrase
Book One 135 Shamor Zayin cartoon
Book One 159 Abrakala Yod long phrase
Book One 169 Leshem Tet cartoon
Book One 177 Aravot Tet long phrase
Book One 178 Malkhut Issachar cartoon
Book One 179 Segulah Yod cartoon
Book One 184 Demai The Unknown Masada long phrase
Book One 185 Karet Tet cartoon
Book One 188 Acharei Mot Tet long phrase
Book One 191 Kedushah Tet long phrase
Book One 196 Kol Nidre The String Quartets short phrase
Book Two 3 Cabriel Asmodeus cartoon
Book Two 18 Kafziel Malphas cartoon
Book Two 24 Savliel Moloch cartoon
Book Two 30 Kezef Asmodeus cartoon
Book Two 34 Hadrial Moloch long phrase
Book Two 39 Padiel Malphas long phrase
Book Two 47 Ebuhuel Pruflas cartoon
Book Two 50 Rsassiel Azazel cartoon
Book Two 52 Ygal Astaroth long phrase
Book Two 56 Hayyoth Moloch cartoon
Book Two 57 Bat Qol Haborym cartoon
Book Two 72 Harbonah Flaga long phrase
Book Two 82 Beniel Paimon cartoon
Book Two 89 Zethar Malphas cartoon
Book Two 102 Umikol Haborym cartoon
Book Two 105 Lahariel Malphas long phrase
Book Two 107 Rahtiel Stolas long phrase
Book Two 109 Ubaviel Moloch long phrase
Book Two 112 Jeduthun Zaebos cartoon
Book Two 123 Paschar Malphas long phrase
Book Two 133 Zumiel Volac cartoon
Book Two 138 Ahaniel Volac long phrase
Book Two 140 Udriel Leonard long phrase
Book Two 145 Raamiel Haborym long phrase
Book Two 148 Mibi Azazel cartoon
Book Two 155 Sheburiel Xaphan cartoon
Book Two 159 Gurid Azazel cartoon
Book Two 160 Negef Orobas cartoon
Book Two 177 Jehoel Balan cartoon
Book Two 185 Raziel Asmodeus cartoon
Book Two 186 Sidriel Volac long phrase
Book Two 190 Hurmiz Tap cartoon
Book Two 205 Reqel Baal long phrase
Book Two 208 Armaros Asmodeus long phrase
Book Two 221 Astaroth Astaroth long phrase
Book Two 224 Pursan Astaroth cartoon
Book Two 270 Irin Baal cartoon
Book Two 276 Vretil Malphas cartoon
Book Two 277 Abrimas Flauros cartoon
Book Two 279 Sartael Stolas cartoon
Book Two 282 Ylrng Volac cartoon
Book Two 293 Rogziel Flaga cartoon
Book Two 302 Avial Buer cartoon
Book Two 316 Zaphaniah Caym long phrase
Book Three 29 Netzokim Malkhut cartoon
Book Three 45 Tohu Chesed cartoon
Book Three 54 Zeir Anpin Chesed cartoon
Book Three 62 Shevirah Chesed cartoon
Book Three 63 Ta'amim Chokhma cartoon
Book Three 68 Shadim Malkhut cartoon
Book Three 77 Penimi Keter long phrase
Book Three 78 Dibor Chesed cartoon
Book Three 84 Pagam Gevurah cartoon