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Book of Angels #188
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Official Releases[edit]

Mycale: The Book of Angels, Volume 13




  • eponymous chief of the order of tarshishim


Jonah by Ya'akov Rehman;
Translation by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

You said - "I must flee from God!"
But a man flees from nothing but himself-
Then he sails to Tarshish, with its marvelous views.
And fears not the sea in its rumble
But where shall he free? His darkness is in him ·
And the depth of the depth thunders out of sight;
Not the farthest country. nor a hidden island
can shelter a man from his own blood.
Son of Amitai! Prophet, full of pain and sorrow!
You longed for an escape from your own soul-
A blind star misguided you!
Rise and flee to yourself! Leave Ninve
Forget Tarshish! And the fire. She burns your
blood, so love, feel pain and prophesize!