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Book of Angels #115
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Official Releases[edit]

Gomory: The Book of Angels, Volume 25
Andras: The Book of Angels, Volume 28



Text: Jorge Luis Borges
Arrangement: Sofia Rei

Con que podria retenerte?

Te ofrezco esbdtas callcs
Puestas de sol descsperadas.
Te ofrezco la luna de suburbios mal cortados.
Te ofrezco la amargura de un hombre
Que ha mirado largamente la luna solitaria.
Te ofrezco la lealtad de un hombre
Que jamas a sido leal.

Te puedo mi soledad, mi oscuridad.
El hambre de mi corazon.

What could I keep you with?

I offer you lean streets, desperate sunsets.
I offer you the moon of ragged suburbs.
I offer you the bitterness of a man
Who has looked at length at the lonely moon.
I offer you the loyalty of a man
That you've never been loyal.

I can give you my loneliness, my darkness.
The hunger of my heart.


  • one of the 70 childbed amulet angels